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Graf Sport AG - experience of more generations.

We provide the playground for your best experiences. The family run business consists of Intersport Graf, Mammut Store, Ski & Bike Rental, Keoni's and Graf Reisen.

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Spoil all your senses with unforgettable forays through fantastic natural landscapes - on hiking trails or high up on magnificent peaks. We provide you insider tips, equipment for every imaginable activity in the beautiful region of Grindelwald and make your dreams come true. Nowhere more beautiful than in the magnificent Jungfrau Region.

Discover the world with us. Traveling can be a wonderful way to find balance in life. Is it through meditation in a calm place or through adventures and activities that lure us out of our comfort zone. It is important that you take time for yourself and experience the journey consciously. We help you create trips that will be remembered forever.

Savoir vivre - means enjoy life. We offer unforgettable moments in Grindelwald. Visit one of our terraces in summer and enjoy a glass of something, attend one of our events or stroll through our shops and experience a high-quality shopping experience.

Moments you will never forget.



Graf Sport AG
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3818 Grindelwald


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